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Indonesia Program Representasi


The primary objective of the Indonesia Program Representasi (PROREP) Project is to increase the effectiveness of representative groups and institutions in Indonesia and, in doing so, bolster both democracy and good governance in Indonesia.The PROREP project will strengthen representation in three important ways:
?Build the capacity of member- and constituency-based based civil society organizations (CSOs, universities, and think tanks so that they can better support independent analysis and public consideration of legislation and policies having a major impact on democratic governance.
?Work with Indonesia?s key representative bodies ? primarily the House of Representatives (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat or DPR), but possibly also the Regional Representative Council (Dewan Perwakilan Daerah or DPD) -- to help them become more effective, responsive and transparent.


-Conducted a needs assessment which examined potential project beneficiaries, reviewed policy research supply and demand, determined the capacity for policy research of think tanks and other research institutions, and identified candidate Advisors and beneficiaries for project activities
-Created a steering group of well-qualified specialists to oversee the provision of capacity building support to a small group of carefully selected policy research centers to improve the quality of research, management and outreach
-Building capacity in the form of mentored grant support, which was given in two forms: (a) for quick-start, high-profile short grants on pressing public policy issues, including the DPR itself, and (b) for longer-term grants on these public policy issues as well as on aspects of the DPR ? its legislative functions and record, its structure, and its implementation to date of its own strategic plan for reform
-Have given 5 long-term grants to research institutions and have begun mentoring these institutions
-Have conducted Policy Fellows Course training workshops and will be conducting a training of trainers course
-Developing a Policy Research Network to stimulate the research environment

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May 2011 - March 2014
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