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Impact Evaluation in Georgia


The Urban Institute, as a subcontractor to the National Opinion Research Center (NORC), is conducting an impact evaluation of two MCC projects in Georgia:
(i) Samtskhe-Javakheti Road Rehabilitation activity (S-J Road) ($200.3 million) for the rehabilitation and construction of approximately 245 kilometers of a main road traversing the isolated Samtskhe-Javakheti region, including technical assistance for a road master plan, operations and maintenance planning and contracting. And,
(ii) Agribusiness Development Activity (ADA) ($20.2 million) for technical assistance and grants to farmers and agribusinesses that supply products to the domestic market and the provision of services for disseminating information on regional market prices and volumes.


Through focus group discussions, in-depth interviews, and quantitative analysis, NORC and The Urban Institute have collected a breadth of information on the economic and social impacts of ADA and SJ Road. The evaluations focus on projects? impact on key elements including economic growth, poverty reduction, lessons learned, long term sustainability, environment, demography, agricultural productivity.


All qualitative and quantitative data have been collected and being analyzed. Final report is expected in July of 2013.

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August 2011 - June 2013
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• Atul Shrestha
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• Atul Shrestha